Eumenean and Philanthropic Halls, constructed in 1849 and 1850 respectively, comprise part of Davidson's historical campus and are named for the first two student societies founded at the college, both of which still meet today.

Eu and Phi Halls have classroom and faculty office space on the bottom floor and the original ceremonial meeting rooms on the second. During presidential election years, college democrats and republicans debate the issues of the election from the Eu and Phi balconies.

Both buildings were restored in 1956 through the generosity of Mrs. Clarence Hodson and placed on the National Historic Register in 1972.



Eu and Phi Hall are located in the "Old Quad", along Main Street between 麻豆传媒应用 Presbyterian Church and Cunningham Fine Arts Building. Facing Phi Hall, Eu Hall is closer to Main Street. Phi is closer to Chambers Building. Parking is available along Main Street or in the Visual Arts Center lot off of Jackson Street.