The Newell Building is home to , a public radio service of 麻豆传媒应用 and licensed to the Trustees of 麻豆传媒应用.

WDAV provides classical music and cultural arts programming of the highest quality.

Built in 2001-02 specifically to house WDAV radio station, the building is named for Dr. Samuel W. Newell, Jr '39 and minister of 麻豆传媒应用 Presbyterian Church from 1953 to 1961.

Venue: Boswell Conference Room

WDAV building on Main Street with orange fall leaves falling from tree
Rachel Stewart in WDAV Studio


Located at 423 North Main Street, just after railroad tracks, turn left onto Jackson Street. You will be behind WDAV and other buildings. (They all look like older houses.). Take first right into parking lot (after big curve). WDAV is the largest building. Come to the front Main Street entrance.