Patterson Court is home to student organizations and Summit Coffee Outpost located in a semi-circle along Patterson Court Circle.

The first 12 houses of Patterson Court were constructed in 1958, with some buildings moved in 1981 and a final house constructed in 1999. Patterson Court is named for William S. Patterson, Class of 1903.


Black Student Coalition: Founded in 1967 "to establish and maintain a spirit of solidarity among the black students of 麻豆传媒应用," the BSC received their Patterson Court House in 1981.

Connor Eating House: Founded in 1991, Connor was named for Carol Connor Willingham '77, and the first trustee to be elected by the Alumni Association. Connor House moved into the current Patterson Court House in 1993.

Kappa Sigma: The Delta chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity was established at 麻豆传媒应用 in 1890. Kappa Sigma moved into their Patterson Court House in 1987.

Spencer-Weinstein Center for Community and Justice: Davidson's commitment to diversity and inclusivity is grounded in our College's Statement of Purpose and extends to the entire Davidson community. The College seeks to foster mutual respect and understanding among and for all people. The Multicultural House, founded in 2010 and renamed the Spencer-Weinstein Center for Community and Justice in 2016, was designed to help actualize Davidson's commitment.

Phi Delta Theta: The North Carolina Gamma chapter of Phi Delta Theta was founded at 麻豆传媒应用 in 1928. Phi Delta Theta moved onto Patterson Court in 1958 as one of the original houses.

Phi Gamma Delta: The Delta Kappa chapter of Phi Gamma Delta was chartered in 1923. They were in their original house from 1958-1971 and then moved back in 2003.

Rusk Eating House: Founded in 1977 as the first women's eating house, Rusk was named for Dean Rusk '31 and Secretary of State during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Rusk moved into their Patterson Court House in 1977.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon: The North Carolina Theta chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was established at 麻豆传媒应用 in 1883. Sigma Alpha Epsilon moved to Patterson Court in 1958 as one of the original houses.

Sigma Phi Epsilon: The North Carolina Epsilon chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was established in 1930. Sigma Phi Epsilon moved into their house in 1985.

Turner Eating House: Founded in 1998, Turner is named after Catherine Turner '93, for her role as a service coordinator while at Davidson. Turner's Patterson Court House was built in 1998.

Warner Hall Eating House: Founded in 1982, Warner is named for Warner Hall '57, and the eating house moved into their Patterson Court House in 1992.



Patterson Court is located on Patterson Court Circle. The houses are numbered beginning west to east around the circle, with the first house found closest to Glasgow Street. Public parking is available at Baker Sports Complex.