Renovated in 2005, Vail Commons is the primary dining facility on campus serving three meals on weekdays and brunch and dinner on weekends.

The two main dining rooms seat a total of 440 people. Massive floor-to-ceiling windows along the entire northern exposure provide an idyllic view of the meadow inside Patterson Court.

The facilities are named for James D. Vail III and his family. James Vail served on the Board of Trustees from 1979-1991 and two of his sons attended Davidson: James D Vail, IV '76 and John Vail '83. Vail is memorialized with the Jacob's Ladder artwork on the landing inside the commons.

Spaces within Vail Commons include:

Harrison Room

One of two large dining rooms in Vail Commons, the Harrison Room is used primarily for student seating and is home for many large events in the life of the college. It has a ceiling-mounted screen and audio-visual system. 

Pope Room

One of two large dining rooms in Vail Commons, the Pope Room on the east end of the building houses all food and beverage stations for the student board plan. The Pope Room also seats approximately 150 students.

DuPont Room

With seating for approximately 35, the DuPont Room provides an elegant dining venue for a broad array of campus and community events. It currently houses the grab-and-go convenience store for students, Commons Market.

The Annex

Perfect for meetings and club gatherings, The Annex in Vail Commons is equipped with a dry erase board and wall monitor. This conference area seats 16 and is located in the Harrison Room. Learn more about making a reservation



Vail Commons is located at 102 Nelson Lane on the west side of campus. Limited visitor parking is available in the lot behind Tomlinson Hall. General public parking is available in the Baker Sports Complex.

Inside Vail Commons
View from Vail Commons
Commons Market

Commons Market, DuPont Room