As a Chicago Public School or charter school student, you may be eligible to receive the Charles Scholarship鈥攁n award honoring those with a record of academic achievement, personal accomplishment, and leadership ability.

The Charles Scholarship provides funding that offers:

  • The comprehensive cost of tuition, fees, room and board for four years
  • A book and personal expense allowance
  • An annual travel allowance

The scholarship is renewable provided you maintain the specified grade point average and meet requirements toward earning a degree.

Nomination Process

School counselors, principals/heads of schools, or college access program leadership may nominate up to three candidates. Candidates may also be nominated by The Davidson Admission Committee on the basis of their strong application for admission.


  • December 15 - School nominations due.
  • January 10 - Application for admission due.
  • February 15 - FAFSA due.
  • March - Charles Scholars will be named in March.

If not eligible to complete a FAFSA, please contact for next steps.


For questions related to the Charles Scholarship, please contact our scholarships team.