Davidson seeks to develop partnerships with U.S. nonprofits and international non-governmental organizations that can provide fellows with significant responsibility addressing social issues at the programmatic and policy level.

Organizations should consider how a fellow can help them accomplish what they are not currently able to achieve; in this manner, host organizations have the opportunity to increase the capacity of their organization as well as to develop future leadership and a commitment to public service work. Host organizations make commitments to the program in the fall semester prior to the fellow starting with them the following summer. Organizations are expected to employ the fellow for one year.

Davidson will work with you to find a talented and skilled group of candidates to join your organization. Service and civic engagement in different ways attract hundreds of our students every year. We are confident that we can help you to find a graduate with a combination of skills, knowledge and interests to fit your organizational culture and contribute to your efforts.

Expectations for Partner Organizations

  • Work with the DIF staff members to select the most suitable candidate for the position by participating in our search process in three ways:
    1. Provide a job description which will be used to help recruit applicants
    2. Interview the finalists for the position at your office or on our campus
    3. Make a timely decision in line with the guidelines set out by the DIF program staff
  • Pay the stipend to the fellow and provide basic health insurance
  • Provide orientation and training specific to the organization
  • Provide consistent, ongoing and constructive supervision for the fellow
  • Comply with the deadlines and procedures of the DIF Program

For more information on how to become a partner organization for Davidson Impact Fellows, please contact Kelli Robinson at kerobinson@davidson.edu or 704-894-2524.